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Inspiring Digital Breakthrough

We are EDGE Digital Manufacturing.

We inspire manufacturing heroes to make their Digital Breakthrough

Our Approach
Enabling Leaders.png

Enabling Leaders

We work with the real heroes of manufacturing who are pioneering the use of digital technologies

Engaging Teams.png

Engaging Teams

We enable leaders to lead collaboratively. Our Digital Breakthrough approach minimises demands on time and maximises buy-in.

Building Confidence.png

Building Confidence

We inspire people to learn and develop digital solutions progressively. Trying new ideas and sharing learnings with each other.

Maximising Performance.png

Maximising Performance

We will help you line up your strategy, technology and people to accelerate your Digital Breakthrough.


Some of our clients:

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Digital Breakthrough app

Discover your digital readiness insights

Collaborate with your team

Boost innovation and buy-in

Build confidence and skills


Client experience

“We had a great time working with the EDGE Digital team... and we're looking forward now to more rapid sales growth and bringing more and more products to market ”

Justin Cohen, Marketing Director


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