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Manufacturing a digital future

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Steven Barr shares some tips on building a technology strategy in this month's manufacturing newsletter from the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

We all take digital technologies for granted in our daily lives. Our ever-present devices give us instant access to crucial information and the ability to make and influence decisions in real-time. But in the parallel world of manufacturing, relatively few companies stand out as digital natives.

How can the hundreds of thousands of UK manufacturers make the most of their digital potential?

We need to turn to the real digital natives – the people in our own industrial networks of peers, suppliers, customers and co-workers:

Envision your digital future by getting your people to look at your business through digital eyes.

Engage to collaborate on a digital breakthrough with your workforce, suppliers and key customers.

Empower your people, as a digital innovation strategy is nothing without action, and this comes first and foremost from an engaged workforce and cooperative partners.

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